You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Well, not yet, but soon, apparently.  I talked to the young girl we got our two Nigerian


Dwarf Does from, and she said she did see them being bred by her Nigerian Dwarf Buck before I bought them in August.  She didn’t tell me that when I bought them, so it is a bonus.  Only, it is winter, and right now, due to time constraints, they are sleeping in large size dogloos.  They love them, actually.  They seem quite content in them, and they both actually go into the same one, so they fit just nicely.  Only, I am not so sure the dogloos are big enough to give birth in them.  Apparently, they should be kidding within a month, and I am not sure I’ll have time to get a barn built by then.

I am realizing that this is homesteading.  There is life everywhere–an abundance–and it cannot be contained!  There is no predicting what will come each day, and you don’t get a choice but to roll with it.

So, worse comes to worse, I’ll have kids in a dog crate inside, and be milking momma’s outside, and bottle feeding.  Not what I want to do–I had planned on letting the kids nurse until weaning.  But, I am not sure what else to do.  Sigh.  I have yet to find the tree in the woods that barns grow upon.

I am excited to be having our first kids.  Especially after loosing little Aster.  He was terribly sweet, but unfortunately raised on pasteurized cow milk before we got him, and was just sickly and not strong enough.  Avie misses him, and cried for him when we had him inside trying to nurse him back to health.  They would call back and forth to each other.  When Aster died, I took him out to show Avie, so that Avie would know what had happened.  Avie had called to us when Aster fell ill, so I knew he was aware Aster was ill.

Avie pawed at Aster’s body a couple times, and sniffed his little friend.  Then, he took the edge of the bag that was around Aster’s body and pulled it over him.  People think animals are not aware, but they know as much as we do.  Sometimes more.


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