Oh, Man, Here We Go!

Geb and some of his flock

I woke up this morning with my maternal radar going off.  I went to check the goats, and Kore has, I believe, lost her plug.  Here is a good page regarding what to look for to detect imminent birth in goats.

So, time for creative solutions.  I go tonight to purchase tarps to cover the sides of the dog kennel where Avie is living.  (Well, Avie, as well as five Silkie Chickens and Luna, a Porcelain D’Uccle Chicken).  So, I will make a make-shift stall (okay, basically a shitty stall, but stall nonetheless) for the Momma’s to give birth in out of the elements.  Avie will have to move in with Chelsea aka Boodle, the Anatolian Shepherd pup in the goat pasture, if I can convince an eight month old Livestock Guardian Dog to not play with a young buckling.  Or else, he will have to say in the goose/duck corral next to the dog kennel/shitty stall, and Boodle will have to work on her manners.  Whew.  I’ll try to take some pictures of the disaster and post them as soon as I get time (snort–time–ahhhhahhhaaa.)

Oh, and the ducks and geese have staged a rebellion the past two nights and not gone into their corral despite the very tempting corn in there, so they are on their own.   I threatened to send them to NYC to help out down there with the occupation, but Sedgewick just hissed at me.  I don’t think they’d be a whole lot of help anyway.  Plus, they aren’t really into “peaceful protesting”, preferring a good bite and tug anyway.  Nothing keeps a wanky duck in line better then the old “bite and pull.”


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