I Also Benefit from Tarp!

As I mentioned the other day ,  I had to come up with a goat barn fast.  Kore and Umbra are going to deliver any day (at least that is what it seems like), so I devised a scheme to utilize tarps on the dog kennel that is Avie’s buckling home.  Avie has been moved to the duck/goose corral (sounds like a country-western bar).  This is how it all turned out:

Temporary Goat Barn
Temporary Avie pen
Avie’s temporary shelter
Kore and Silkies
Very Pregnant Umbra

Fortunately the goats all seem to like it.  I have five Silkies and Luna, the d’Uccle Bantam living in with the does.  I also have our two new baby bunnies, Palmyra and Quintus in there as well.  They are both Satin Rabbits.

Quintus (scared)

Hopefully this all holds up for a while in the winter weather until we can get the real barn built!  Everything was supposed to be done before winter, but I have learned that with all the unexpected things that happen on a farm what you think you can get done and what you really get done are two very different things.  We are learning.



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