Ten Days and Counting

Umbra and Kore

It has been ten days since the does “lost their plugs”–and they still have not started to kid.  I read that it can be two weeks after this first sign until labor begins, so any day now?  Hmmm.  I’m sure they will give birth at some point, but it feels like it’s taking forever!

Umbra is big!

Pregnant Umbra

Kore is not as big, so maybe she just has one kid in there?

Pregnant Kore

Meanwhile, while we wait, we enjoy a nice sunny day.  The goats went into their pasture for a while.  Chelsea missed them.  Avie got to join in the fun, too!

Avie and Guineas

The Guineas supervised while the Turkeys tried to steal the show.

African Guinea Fowl
Zombie and Nosferatu

Proud turkeys!

Phantom, Nosferatu, Zombie, and Cornelius

Let’s hope we have some pictures of some cute little Nigerian Dwarf kids soon!


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