Ambassador of Happiness and Happy Sanchez

Mirror mirror

I know everyone who has a dog thinks their breed of dog is the absolute best there is (or mixed breed).  I seem to have always been partial to the German Shepherd.  When I was a kid, I couldn’t have a dog, so I carried around a stuffed German Shepherd that had a plastic face that I swore was so realistic it would fool people.  I would try to make dog sounds without anyone seeing, so that they would think my puppy was real.

Baby Jasmine

I can’t remember the first time exactly that I saw a White German Shepherd, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, he was so regal and beautiful.  I never thought that one day I would be lucky enough to find one for myself.  But, then came Jasmine.

Jasmine about 3 months

Jasmine came home when she was seven weeks old.  She was the shy one of the litter.  Sweet, loving, eager to learn, she and I set out to learn each others ways.  I have never had to show Jasmine a command more then two or three times before she learns what to do.   We are fortunate to work at home, so Jasmine was with her new pack 24/7–an ideal situation for a dog.  Not bad for us, too.

It did not take long before Jasmine charmed everyone she met.  In fact as she spent time socializing at a local dog park, we noticed how Jasmine had a knack for bringing happiness to other people and dogs.  She also would quickly learn people’s and dog’s names.  We could be across the park and tell her when her special friends arrived, and she would run to greet them.

White German Shepherds seem to be especially sensitive to the emotions of others, being sensitive in their own nature.  While this makes a White Shepherd less suited to certain jobs like police work, it makes them excellent for jobs like pet therapy and search and rescue.  White Shepherds do a great job as family or farm guardians.  Jasmine is very bonded to her animals around the farm, and takes her job as guard dog very seriously.  Though she is loving and kind, she is also intimidating to people who come here whom she does not know, making her an excellent family guard dog.


We are looking to perpetuate her wonderful temperament as well as excellent confirmation in her offspring.  Jasmine’s intelligence is greater then any dog I’ve ever had.  What I find so impressive about the nature of the White Shepherd is her ability and drive to work with her human pack members.  True to her nature as a working breed, Jasmine wants nothing more then to help us do what needs to be done on the homestead.  If you want a dog that stays to the side and is only there when you call them, the White Shepherd is not for you.  If you want a dog that is a true companion, friend, and ally in all that you do, then the White Shepherd is something to consider.  Working breeds need to have a job to do in order to feel fulfilled,  even if that job is to accompany you on your jog or when you run errands in the car.  Jasmine even knows how to put her toys away in her toy box, and will do so without being told.

Counting Squirrels

The first time I saw Lucious was when I picked him up.  He was about three months old, and he smiled a huge grin at me.  He hasn’t really stopped smiling since.  I have never seen such a smiley dog.  There are a lot of people who feel German Shepherds are not safe to have around poultry.  I know with the White Shepherd that this is just a matter of training.  Jasmine guards her birds and has never tried to harm one.  One of the keys to make this easier is to instill the concept of “mine” in the dogs when they are just pups.  “Mine” means that “this item”, or in this case, “animal,” belongs to me, the Alpha pack member.  Once they understand this, there is no more problem, with chewing your things, or bothering livestock.  It took one time scolding Lucious not to catch birds to make him realize he was never to try to harm them.  He and the geese do have words from time to time, but most often it is the geese who start it.

Lucious at 3 Months

Lucious wags his tail from the neck down.  While this can be a hazard for items on shelves occasionally, one can’t mistake the joy being expressed.  I always try to learn something from my animals, and Lucious is the best example of being able to roll with what’s happening with a smile on his face.  The only other thing better then happiness for Lucious is food.

Lucious at 6 months

Jasmine was quick to teach both Lucious and Chelsea her “pop and fresh” move, which is a clear demonstration of excitement or a way to say “yes, I really want that,” and consists of popping up and down in one place careful to not knock down anything around.  This is especially warranted when there is cheese.

Jasmine in her woods

Though Lucious is the king of the smile, he has a formidable bark and is all business when it comes time to guard the farm.  Like Jasmine, he has learned very quickly, and virtually trains himself.

Jasmine and Lucious


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