Head On

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Egads, it has been so long since I posted here…things have just be too hectic.  But, that seems to be the way of this new life.   I am behind in my picture taking, so will have to try to catch that up this weekend.    I reconfigured the tarp-barn, because I got another kennel from someone who was selling it used (and I’ll take more, if anyone reading this in my area has some for sale.)

The imminent goat birth is still not happening.  I have to laugh.  I ran out to get iodine, and a few supplies about a month or so ago, so afraid I’d be caught unprepared.  Apparently the “plug” was…uh…something else.  But, Umbra’s udder is starting to get bigger, as is her belly.  Kore no longer wants me to touch her from the neck down, so evidently we may be getting close?  Can you tell it’s my first time?

Along with all the beauty, joy, fun, and adventure on the homestead, there is heartbreak as well.  Not that I am surprised by this.  After all, there is heartbreak in any life.   There was a week or so that we thought that we’d have to find a new home for our Boodle.  I love her dearly, so that was a very hard decision, but luckily we seem to have worked it out for our giant girl.

Jasmine, our White Shepherd, came into heat several weeks ago (still don’t know if she’s pregnant).  Apparently a dashing Australian Shepherd from down the way caught wind of the news and started coming around daily, much to the chagrin of one young Lucious.  Despite our warnings off, he danced and pranced and stole Jasmine’s heart.  She thinks he’s extremely charming, and despite our admonitions, gallivanted around with him a bit.

Well, apparently he also had eyes for Boodle, whom he encouraged to learn to jump the fence.  She had no interest in escaping before he came around, and may have also been in her first heat, though I am fairly certain she is NOT pregnant.  Still, now we have a failure in the Boodle Containment System, which is a big Uh Oh.  We live on a road, so we cannot have a roaming Boodle.  Plus, we do not believe in letting our dogs roam, for various reasons, one of which is just sheer courtesy for the neighbors.  (Ahem, neighbors?  Yes, you, who don’t ever tie your dogs?  I am looking at you.)

So, we had to tie Boodle in the middle of the pasture.  Plus, she was terribly lonely with her goats in the tarp barn, because I keep them up when it rains since they don’t like the rain.  I was able to let her run in the pasture and play with Little Big Man (Lucious), but then one day she took off and left him crying in the pasture.  Ugh.

Finally I caught her.  Had her by the collar.  Walked her from the garden all the way up to the barn, when she saw my husband and lunged in excitement to see him…with me still attached to her collar.  Apparently she is now so strong I cannot hold her, and I went I think airborn and rammed head on into my husbands chest, knocking me a bit and hurting my neck.  It was time to sit for a bit.

With Boodle back on the chain and me feeling like I did not know what to do, I felt I had to make a decision.  I always hated the idea of leaving a dog on a chain.  Boodle had to be chained for a while when she was little, and though she seemed happy, I wasn’t.  Time to learn some lessons about what I think vs. the way things are.

Boodle’s loneliness in the pasture led me to put Avie in with her.  He is about five months old now, and though I did not like leaving him in with her when she was loose, since she was tied, I figured he could get away from her if she got too playful or rough.  Well, Avie is starting to feel a bit bucky, so he is holding his own a little bit better.

First, he started to head butt her.  He would stand up and launch, almost in slow motion, into her, and she seemed to think that was pretty funny.  Now, she puts her head down so he can butt heads with her, though he is still gentle.  Yesterday, she was laying on the ground, and he came up and put his paw on her side, and then they touched heads.  Avie moved around her, touched her, and they nuzzled some more.   It about made me cry, it was so sweet.  She is happy.  Avie is happy.  So, it would be silly for me not to be happy too.  Boodle is used to the tie.  In a couple of months, towards spring, we are going to fence a new pasture, and we will add a couple of feet to the fence height and reinforce the top of the wire with wood.  Hopefully the new Boodle Containment System will contain.

In the mean time, we keep our Boodle, which is a huge relief.  Now, hopefully soon I will have little goats to post on here.  Hopefully several.


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