The puppies are a week old, and I had to bring them into the barn/warehouse due to the excessive heat.  Thankfully mom is adaptable, and seems relieved to be in a cooler setting.  Puppies are growing well, and reaching new developmental stages!   Still very vocal, they are now starting to make mini-barks, and tails are starting to wag when they are nursing.

All of the puppies are colored like an Anatolian, or potentially a sable German Shepherd.   They may lighten as they get older, like Chelsea did.

I can’t wait until they can see and hear!   Meanwhile I am getting them used to being touched and handled.

Mom taking a break from the kids!
Mom taking a break from the kids!
Chelsea Rose
Chelsea Rose
1/2 White German Shepherd 1/2 Anatolian Shepherd puppies
Week old Anatolian Shepherd, White German Shepherd mix puppies
Puppy Love
Little Sleeper

We have five male puppies left available!  (Unless I keep one…)



  1. I just bought a new home on acreage and we move in next month and am dropping very strong hints to my husband about getting one of your pups to join our family. Our 3.5 year husky would love a new baby brother!

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