Chelsea & Bear (sold)
Chelsea & Bear (sold)
Boodle & pups
Chelsea and pups
Chelsea Rose 4
Anatolian Shepherd
Lucious & Timber
Lucious & Timber (sold)
Lucious 4
Lucious–White GSD/Swiss Shepherd
Lucious 5
Happy Boy
Lucious 2
White Wolf!

Whew!  4 weeks old already, and only three puppies left available.  The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on August 30th.

Chelsea is ready for a babysitter!  She seems a bit tired out.  Bear is adorable, as are all the puppies, and his new family came all the way from Illinois to pick him out.  He has two wonderful little boys to help raise him!

Lucious looking wolfie!
Lucious looking wolfie!
pup 4 wks 3
Male puppy #3–Sold!
pup 4 wks 2
Male puppy# 1 Sold! (Timber)
pup 4 wks 4
Aunt Jasmine Althea
Pup 4wks 1
Male pup # 2–Sold
Lucious and pup 3
Lucious and pup

Chelsea is such a pretty girl, and she does an excellent job guarding her goats and pigs.   She even puts up with her best friend, Avie when he gets crabby and head-butts her.  They have had a lot of fun together.

The puppies are being kenneled next to goats and pigs, geese, turkeys, and chickens, so they are getting used to a lot of different sounds and activity!  Their next door neighbor is a three month old Nigerian Dwarf doeling (also for sale).  In the next week they will get to go in her pen and do some nose sniffing.

Several of the puppies are already guarding (it is the cutest thing ever.)  They bark alerts at strange sights and sounds, and one little boy (the available pup with the mask) barked at an airplane today, just like daddy Lucious does!  Not over our airspace!!  Lucious chases the planes through the woods, and they leave every single time!

Lucious is not quite sure what to think of all these little badger-bear-wolf-puppies!  He often looks like a wolf, and moves like one, too.  One can definitely see his ancestry.  White German Shepherds are amazing dogs–sensitive, intelligent, strong, and wonderful all-around farm dogs.

Lucious is super sweet, and also an excellent guard dog.  Nothing gets by him–not even the bees!

He also has a great sense of humor, and really appreciates getting to clean up all the food that Chelsea and the puppies don’t eat.  Lucious is so fit and trim that I can’t put an ounce on him, no matter how much I feed him (and I feed him a lot, ha.)

Please let us know if you have any questions about our dogs, or if we can help you decide whether or not one of these puppies will be right for you and your family.  Not every dog is right for every situation, and we will do our best to help you determine if the temperaments and traits of these puppies are a good fit for you!


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