All Puppies are Sold!

The puppies have all found great homes!  I have been really happy and excited to meet all the new families for these great dogs.  If you missed out, and would like one of these puppies, we do have a wait-list going for next years breeding, so please contact us to be added to the list.

I hope to get some updated puppy pictures this week (boy, it’s been a busy time) as well.

Thank you to all who inquired, and I look forward to the next litter.  They are a lot of fun, full of spunk, and already acting like little guard dogs!



  1. I have a question… We are looking for a dog, and I’ve had very good experiences with shepherd mixes in the past. I am a stay at home mom, with a 9 yr old and a 5 yr old, both active boys. We are hoping for a dog that will provide a small amount of protection for the household, but especially while the boys are in the yard and I’m in the side yard or not in direct sight. I’m not expecting the dog to attack anyone, but rather to offer warnings and scare away the animals that want to live under the deck. Mostly, we want a dog with a moderate activity level but who loves to work. We have a large house and a large yard with a fence. Would one of your puppies be a good fit?

    • Yes, judging from the puppies from this last litter I do think so. The only caveat I would say in regards to your desires for a dog is that a puppy of this type (Anatolians, GSD’s, and most large breed dogs) do not fully reach maturity until around 3 years old. They therefore tend to be very energetic the first few years. But, being that you are a stay at home mom (good for you–that is so important and I salute you for that) and that your kids can play with the dog, that should give the dog an outlet for its energy. The Anatolian in the mix should diminish some of the busy-ness of the GSD at a young age.

      Walks with you and the kids can help as well. I would recommend obedience training (the kids can help). You want the dog to be trained, especially with young children. This is true for any dog.

      This combination of breeds should prove to be very good family guardian dogs–both breeds bond very well, and if a puppy is raised with your children, it would naturally want to protect them. The puppies in this last litter where already barking alerts at 3-4 weeks of age.

      There is a possibility that this type of dog would kill vermin, opposoms, etc that enter the yard, since Anatolian’s and GSD’s do this sort of thing as part of their “job.” It would be very important to socialize the puppy with cats even if you don’t own any, so that if a neighbor’s cat got into the yard, the dog would not attack it.

      Those are the main things that come to mind. I am really excited about this mix, and so far the feedback has been excellent. Feel free to check out our facebook page, where some of the new owners are posting pics and feedback.

      I would love to place a puppy in a home such as yours. This combo should also be an excellent guardian of the children against human predators as well.

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