Ostergruss Rosa Winter Radish seeds

Ostergruss Rosa Winter Radish seeds Organic Austrian Heirloom
Ostergruss Rosa Winter Radish seeds Organic Austrian Heirloom

Ostergruss Rosa Winter Radish seeds  are an Organic Austrian Heirloom.

Grown on Ophidian Farms – always organic!

 Ostergruss Rosa Radish is a radish that produces long tapered roots in a beautiful rose-pink color. This radish is a Winter Radish, which is different from the smallish summer radishes commonly grown for salads. Winter Radishes have excellent flavor and are grown as a root vegetable to be used in the same way as turnips and rutabagas, but are so much easier and quicker to grow. Winter Radishes are excellent keepers too, storing well in root cellars all winter. We slice the radishes and use them in the same way as potatoes, adding them to hardy bone-broth soups, fried with eggs and bacon in the morning, or deep fried like fries. Winter Radishes are also great in natural lacto-fermations.

Radishes are very easy to grow, and are one of the fastest growing common vegetables in the garden. They like cool weather, and it is ideal to plant them early in the spring or in late summer / early fall for a crop before winter hits. They do fine in the ground over winter with some plastic over them, but pull them before the ground freezes solid. Radishes can handle frost, but not deep freezing.

Sow radish seed ½ inch deep and 1 inch apart; thin successful seedlings from 6 to 8 inches apart. Make sure your rows are about 12-16 inches apart. You can succession plant every two weeks for multiple harvests. These radishes take about 45-60 days to get a nice big root, or 30 days for a small one. Warm weather can result in small roots or early bolting. Long days may also cause radishes to flower; plant radishes during the shorter days of spring and autumn. In mild winter regions, grow radishes in late autumn and early winter.

Keep radish planting beds moist but not wet. Even, regular watering will result in quick growth. Radishes that receive too little water will become woody tasting. Prepare planting beds with aged compost. Side-dress radishes with aged compost at mid-season. Keep radishes evenly watered so that they grow quickly. Slow growth will cause radishes to taste hot.

Radishes can be attacked by aphids and root maggots. Pinch out infested foliage. Usually radishes grow so quickly that pests are not a problem. Radishes have no serious disease problems.

Approximately 120 seeds / gram

Auction is for 1 packet = 1 gram = around 120 seeds

Germination rate = 85 %

To purchase, contact us directly, or visit Ophidian Farms on Ebay!


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