Mini-Nubian buckling
Mini-Nubian buckling

We are located in Southern Indiana about 15 minutes West of Bloomington.   You may reach us at ophidianfarms (at symbol) gmail (dot) com or Eight One 2-Eight 2 Five-58 One 7



  1. Yes, we would like to buy some organic goat feed but can’t find prices or your location. If you could please let us know that would be great! We are also interested in the soy free chicken feed. We are located in Carthage, IN

    • Please scroll down to the bottom of the description page for prices! (I’ll have to put the prices in a better place!)

      Thank you, and feel free to contact me privately for more information or to place an order!

  2. I am looking for non GMO rabbit pellets. I do know organic does not mean non GMO.Are your pellets made with non GMO grains? Thanks Rocky

  3. Hello, I have been looking for a white German Shepard for months now and I’m really interested in adding to my family. I have two children (sons) and another on the way and think this beautiful dog could finally be the daughter I’ve always wanted! I would love to visit your farm and have some pricing information on your next litter. I’ve listed my email address for you to respond.Thanks for your time!!!!!!

  4. Hi,
    Do you have organic chicken feed and organic rabbit pellets? And if so what are your prices?
    Thank you

  5. Hello, my name is john mckee. I have 3 boys, 12, 9 and 3 and would like to b put on the list for a puppy. We would like an anatolian shepard cross, but they also like black or Sable shepards. I’m in rushville, in just south east of indy. Thx.

    • Hi Grant–I would be happy to have you stop by if you like. Please give me a call and I’ll give you directions, and we can set up a time. What all would you like?

      Eight 1 Two, 8 Two **Five, 5 Eight 1 Seven

  6. Hi- I saw your dogs are having puppies very soon and was wondering if there is still a wait list? Also I was wondering about pricing for your GSD pups. Please email me when you can, thank you!

    • HI Jaclyn–they were actually born yesterday! We do still have a few available–both male and female. We sell our GSD’s for $450 ($50 non-refundable deposit to hold). Please feel free to email me at ophidianfarms (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in a puppy!

    • Our latest litter is all reserved. I have a wait list for Whites and they are due in a few weeks–I can add you if you are interested in a White GSD. Otherwise I can add you to our list for our next colored litter.

  7. Hi there.. I talked to Erica about a white German Shepherd puppy the other day.. I want to send you the 100 dollar deposit.. I lost the address and who to make the check out to.. Any info. Would be greatly appreciated.

    Jason wiegert

  8. Hello my name is Adam Deaton I would like to be placed on your list for white german shepherd puppy. When will the next litter be?

  9. Can u give us a price on a wgsd female? We have our beautiful anatolia wgsd but he is male. I think he would do well with a stylin girl. Thanks

  10. Good morning,my name is Donald Cooley i’m looking for a puppy or a 1-3 year old german shepherd black,white,black-tan.A year-and half I lost my german shepherd Max in January and my wife past in December.I my wifes dog a yorkie-poodle emmy.Looking to fill a void in my life,on a fixed income price can be,between 650.00-1000.00 hope you have something.

    • Hi Donald–so sorry for your losses! I have a white litter due May 24th, and a litter from Lexy, my black and cream female due June 1st. Feel free to email me for deposit information–ophidianfarms (at)

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