Dog Sale Policies & Information

Our pricing for puppies is as follows:

Lucious looking like his is part wolf. Many people think he is, but he is 100% GSD.
Lucious looking like he is part wolf. Many people think he is, but he is 100% GSD.

Non-AKC pet price:  $650 with a non-refundable deposit of $100 to hold.

**If you want AKC Full Rights we can do this for you–Lucious can be registered, and so can all of our bitches except Maia.  Price is $1250 with a non-refundable deposit of $500 to hold.

A $50 per week boarding fee will be charged for any puppies not picked up at the agreed time.


We do not require a contract in order for you to purchase one of our dogs.  We feel that is too controlling, and we believe that it is your right to decide if you want to spay or neuter your dog, or breed your dog.  We are happy to offer advice should you want some.  It is actually more healthy for your dog to remain intact, despite much publicity to the contrary.  However, if you do not feel you can keep your dog from having unwanted litters, we encourage you to neuter.  Please do read the following information regarding spaying and neutering your dog:  The Risks of Early Spaying and Neutering


We have a wait-list for every litter planned during the year for puppies.  If there is a particular breeding you would like a chance to get a puppy from, we will be happy to add you to the wait list after we discuss placement with you.

Due to the popularity of our breedings, we have decided to allow deposits upon puppies from planned litters.  Deposits are non-refundable.  If for some reason there are not enough puppies, or no puppies that satisfy what it is you are looking for, your deposit will be transferred to a different litter or breeding later on in the year or the next year.  If, after a period of one year we cannot fulfill your request, your deposit will be returned.  You will of course have the option to retain your place upon the pick list for a future litter.

Deposits are $100.

Lucious and Angel as a puppy
Lucious and Angel as a puppy


People often ask if our dogs are registered.  We chose not to register our dogs. Lucious and Angel both come from AKC registered lines, but Lucious was not registered.  Angel is AKC registered.  Maia comes from incredible lines, but one of her parents was not papered, so she cannot be registered.  Because we did not pursue this, our litters are also not able to be registered.  We have considered this in our pricing.

People are sometimes curious why we do not like AKC.  We feel AKC  s a bit of a pyramid scheme–We have seen SO many dogs that are “AKC” but that are poorly bred and unhealthy.  People put too much trust in that label, only to end up with dysplastic dogs, or dogs that are otherwise unsound.   In addition, We disagree very strongly with their emphasis on the show ring over the overall performance of a breed, and we are disgusted by the degradation of the breed standards of so many wonderful breeds, including the GSD.   You can get a puppy in a pet store, bred in a puppy mill, that is “AKC”.  We prefer to hold to a higher standard than that in our dogs.

Health Guarantees:

We guarantee that your puppy will be healthy when you purchase him or her.  All puppies will be vet checked and wormed before they go home with you.  We do not offer any extended “guarantee.”  Because nutrition is so vitally important to the growth and development of your dog, and we cannot control what our dogs are fed once they leave here, we feel we cannot offer any guarantees from “defect” since a poor diet can result in defects in later years for your dog.  We have not had any issues in any of our puppies to date.


What Happens if You Cannot Keep Your Dog in the Future?

If something should happen that makes it necessary for you to rehome your dog, please contact us.  We will try to assist you in finding your dog a new home, or if possible we will take the dog back in order to find a suitable home for him or her.  We do not want our dogs to end up in a shelter or a rescue.  And we understand that sometimes things can happen to make it necessary to rehome an animal.

Health Testing: 

After much research and debate we have decided that many of the “health tests” and “warranties” offered by some breeders are not really what they seem.  And, our veterinarian agrees!  Genetic testing is very trendy right now, but there is much debate regarding how accurate it really is in projecting the health of your animal in the future.  Our vet reinforced this by stating to us that genetic tests are unreliable and not necessarily indicative of any defect.  In addition, OFA testing is not necessarily indicative in how a dog will grow and develop in regards to dysplasia.  Again, our vet agrees, stating that H.D. is evident without x-rays, and he thinks our dogs are free of defects in hips and elbows.  The gait of the dog, the stance, and the appearance will indicate if a dog has H.D. or E.D.  Many breeders who test breed sub-par dogs, and we have talked to many expensive breeders who have ended up with stock with defective joints.  Our dogs are completely healthy and sound.  And we advise that diet and growth is extremely important in preventing and avoiding bad skeletal development.  Please ask us for recommendations on how to ensure your puppy grows and develops to his or her full potential!  We took a lot of time and did a lot of research to select the dogs that we use for breeding to ensure that our puppies are healthy and sound.

This is an absolute MUST READ regarding issues such as hip dysplasia and other defects.  Please, before you get a puppy from us, or anyone, read this article and consider what it is telling you.

Bite Work/Schutzhund:

At the present time we do not recommend our puppies for this line of work.  Our breeding program is geared for producing German Shepherd Dogs that are old-fashioned not only in their appearance and straight backs, but in their work.  We love our dogs working along side us on our homestead.  They guard us, our property, our animals, they herd, they hunt vermin, and they chase a mean ball and Frisbee!  But we are selecting for lower prey drive than intensive working lines, and for less alpha personalities.  So if you are interested in this type of GSD, then we suggest you pursue breeders who specialize in these types of working lines.

Lucious telling PeeWee to "back off". PeeWee thought that was funny
Lucious telling PeeWee to “back off”. PeeWee thought that was funny

Herding Dogs:

If you are wanting a German Shepherd Dog to herd livestock, one of our puppies may be for you!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in regards to our dogs and puppies.  We are happy to talk with you and help you decide if one of our dogs will be right for you!




  1. Do you have any puppies currently or planning for 1st of the year? We’re interested in a female GS to be a companion to our family and male GS/Lab mix. No intention of breeding or showing just want a good all around family member!

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