Hearty Homestead Meatloaf

Hearty Homestead Meatloaf

This is a delicious main dish that is nice because it reheats well for leftovers–which not all meat dishes do.  It can be a fun, creative dish as well, because there are many things you can add to the meatloaf for variety and seasonal taste.

We recommend organic ingredients and hormone-free/antibiotic-free beef!

Start with three pounds of ground beef

Add two eggs

Take one medium onion, and three good sized cloves of garlic.  Slice them up (you can mince the garlic) and saute in either tallow or olive oil until the onions start to become clear/golden.

Add this to the meat and eggs.

Using your hand, mix this all together, then add roughly 2-3 TBS of brown rice flour.

This is where you can get creative.

Things to add:

Diced Goat Cheese 3-4 ounces

Try sauteing a medium zucchini from the garden with the onions and garlic, add oregano, basil, and thyme, and add to meat mix.

Mushrooms (again, saute with onions and garlic)

Okra (slice and again, saute for a few minutes with garlic before adding)

Brown rice–precooked.  I would add 1-2 cups


Spice accordingly:  Tonight I added cheese to the Meat Mix, so I used Coriander Seed Powder, Basil, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, Mustard Powder, and a dash of Celery Seed Powder.

Spice according to taste.  If not sure how much you like, start small and smell the combinations to see how it hits you.  I am a very “organic” cook, in that I cook by intuition, what feels right, looks right, smells right.  Usually the food comes out delicious, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Take your creation and put it into a casserole dish and mound up.  I usually tuck/ jab my fingers around the edges to create a lowered ridge.  When the meat cooks, it will build up some yummy fat, which will need to be drained a couple times while it cooks to allow the loaf to firm up.  Save your fat!  It is great to use later to saute veggies!  Cook the loaf for about an hour at 350 degrees.  Cut into it to check for doneness and cook a little longer if still pink inside.



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